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NoNaMe inc
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Welcome to im slowly worken on this site not much now so here's whats coming soon....
Ghost 2.5 Script mIRC Info: War Script uses proxy to acces irc wingate scanner irckills has a progy that auto unmask all host so when someone enters the channle you get the real host not the bullshit one,Ip scanner ,Port scanner, Channle takeovers killer protection and one thing you dont normaly see a notepad with info on how to use some of the programs on it also tells you how to take over servers and all that good shit you will enjoy it if i can ever get it uploaded for some reason tripod wants to be gay and keeps sayen i need to rename one of my file names iv done all i can or could think of renamen them no spaces $%&* none of that shit if you ever had these problems and can help plz email me at
DarkSoul 1.3 Script mIRC
One Last chance for the weak
This script is total fucken chois not done yet still worken on it but use your head on what its got

There will also be addons once i get a few bugs fixed im hopen to have it all done by the 31 of oct so check back soon.......


Ghost Script 2.5


Any addons or Scripts worthy of adding plz email me on details and look if its got abuncha bugs and barly works dont fucken waste my time