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Satan's Disciples


Hommiez gone
Bengals VS Patroits
The Satans Disciples

These are the ranks that the Satans Disciples

-Cuzs first- (You are nothing but a cuz starting out in the set)

Foot soldier


Satan’s Soldier

-Families acceptance-

Minion ( has to beat certain Ranked officials, depending on what sort of trade he wish’s to claim)

-Families Trade School- The Art Of War class’s 1 and 2 Hide off 3 secrete assassin

(Art of death and war strategies)

Reaper- (Families specialist for finding and killing marks) lv50-200

Specialist- (Assassin finds marks for the Set, Kills for the business)

Specialist Corporal- (Is in charge of setting assassins ranks and distributing hits on marks)

Death Specialist - (One of the coldest killers ranking, Owns and works the cities murders)

(Art Of Crime)

-Satan’s Criminals-

Punk (Basically someone who is trying to become a gangster in the Art of Crime)

Thug (Beats people for the name of the family, and extorts people for money)

Gangster (Beats people from other sets, extorts other sets in the name of Satan’s disciples)

Original Gangster (Lv 3000 only, extorts set leaders and sets for the family)

(The art of hu$tling) -=-For most of these ranks teachings will come from EmAnOn himself-=-

Disciples- ( Recruits for the set, and sets up interviews with other rankings, for initiation 2 the 6 side)

Lord of the night ( Special task force Secrete to public eyes)

Game Lord (A teacher of the game, someone who teaches others in the set the Art of hustling)



Each one of these soldiers will learn the wisdom and the Art of War.... Understand that this is not just a game, this is life. We are building are selfs for the futer by picking up the skills needed to be a GrAnDhUsTlEr

Satan's Disciples. \|/ Dark Side two Six Nation, Loved by few. Hated by many. Respected by @ll.
R.i.p David aka Bubba & Delbert Osborn may god of mercy on your souls...
Few shoots out to my homiez Sk aka Sean Keith, Big Dan
my cUz James in Salina, KS.. my homeboy
Jeff aka Campbell, shoots out
every one who supported
me while I was down
ya on dat real shit
dats that thus