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Satan's Disciples
Hommiez gone
Hommiez gone
Bengals VS Patroits
The Satans Disciples

Here are some pictures of our guests enjoying their adventure vacations.


My home boy Sean Kieth aka sK... If any girls wanna holla email me


My nephew.. got a 10ball holla at me if yea want a pen pall


Josh is one of my cUsszzz.... he about to get out....


If you would like any of these peoples address... or if you would like me to post up a member/freind of your family please contact me....

Satan's Disciples. \|/ Dark Side two Six Nation, Loved by few. Hated by many. Respected by @ll.
R.i.p David aka Bubba & Delbert Osborn may god of mercy on your souls...
Few shoots out to my homiez Sk aka Sean Keith, Big Dan
my cUz James in Salina, KS.. my homeboy
Jeff aka Campbell, shoots out
every one who supported
me while I was down
ya on dat real shit
dats that thus