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Satan's Disciples


Hommiez gone
Bengals VS Patroits
The Satans Disciples

For a Interview to see if your are eligible to join the family

Contact one of the Satan’s Disciple who’s ranking is a Disciple or if you are truly worth the lords time contact the Game Lord

If you have been in another set do not bother, we do not except spoiled blood, there is only one true family SaTan’s Disciples

-=Contact EmAnOn=-


Loved by few, hated by many, respected by all.....

Satan's Disciples. \|/ Dark Side two Six Nation, Loved by few. Hated by many. Respected by @ll.
R.i.p David aka Bubba & Delbert Osborn may god of mercy on your souls...
Few shoots out to my homiez Sk aka Sean Keith, Big Dan
my cUz James in Salina, KS.. my homeboy
Jeff aka Campbell, shoots out
every one who supported
me while I was down
ya on dat real shit
dats that thus