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Satan's Disciples

The Satans Disciples

Hommiez gone
Bengals VS Patroits
The Satans Disciples

The Satan's Disciples come from the Folks

Our Mission is to make everyone in the family rich, happy and safe.

Each family member has his/her own duty to perform. When one fails to complete their task it causes disruptions in are system. But as strong as our family is, we have people to back each other up. We call it are buddy system. What we do is the same as what the government does. We claim monopoly... When another set is causing disruptions in are system we destroy them, there is no mercy in our family, once you are marked as a enemy you will be completely destroyed we are firm believers of not giving are enemy’s a chance, if you may bring a threat later in life we will destroy you right then and there. I will not elaborate to much on our family system or what we do... I can tell you all though that Extortion is a part of life for the strong. Being extorted is a part of life for the weak........


The form of SaTan's Disciples originated in 1060, It is still around in Chicago, Detroit and Cincinnati. Online Mafia, is here Satan’s Disciples has once agin rose from nothing to something in a short time, fast leadership and family. One of the culters that the online Mafia SaTan’s Disciple’s has inhabited the Online RPG at:

Each soldier is given a rank and a job... Their skills determin where they are placed,  check the ranking page to learn more...

Satan's Disciples. \|/ Dark Side two Six Nation, Loved by few. Hated by many. Respected by @ll.
R.i.p David aka Bubba & Delbert Osborn may god of mercy on your souls...
Few shoots out to my homiez Sk aka Sean Keith, Big Dan
my cUz James in Salina, KS.. my homeboy
Jeff aka Campbell, shoots out
every one who supported
me while I was down
ya on dat real shit
dats that thus