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Satan's Disciples
Hommiez gone
Bengals VS Patroits
The Satans Disciples


We are the One

Satan’s Disciples is a family business and a organization

We are bread to live off of Honor, respect and loyalty. We make other sets envious because of are loyalty... are commitment to are set, and the respect we are given. Most sets are nothing but numbers, They will pay you to join their set, to walk around with someone’s fucking name on your forehead. In the Satins Disciples we as individuals are more then just numbers, every person is respected for their rank.. Respected for their commitment to the set. Why be committed to Satan’s Disciples. Why love your mother? The same reason we love each Satan’s Disciples. We are the realist, we take care of each others like we where different from everyone else, like we are the only ones on this earth that are the same. And lately we are the only ones. The only ones who still live by the code......... where do you stand?

You can not be in another set, of have been in another set and join the Satan’s Disciple, loyalty is are foundation. To register a new character click on the pic of the dark side 2 6 nation. Note You can not have another character in another set, that is a form of treason and will be punished to the fullest. Its just not your character we will effect...... You get the drift...... DaRk SidE 2 6 Nation

Click to register a new character Crips and latins only

Click to email EmAnOn

Satan's Disciples. \|/ Dark Side two Six Nation, Loved by few. Hated by many. Respected by @ll.
R.i.p David aka Bubba & Delbert Osborn may god of mercy on your souls...
Few shoots out to my homiez Sk aka Sean Keith, Big Dan
my cUz James in Salina, KS.. my homeboy
Jeff aka Campbell, shoots out
every one who supported
me while I was down
ya on dat real shit
dats that thus